Webinar: 5 Key Steps to Launch a Successful Webinar

Drive New Business in Challenging Times

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What's all the buzz about?

In the current state of the world, it’s no secret going digital is the ultimate lifeline to all businesses. While adjusting your business to this digitalized world may seem daunting, we’re here to make it easy. Marketing and producing a successful webinar is more than just buying software and flipping the switch. Our team, who has delivered over 2,000 webcasts, will share some of the critical steps that you need to be successful.

We will also talk about how to simulcast your current events and meetings, making it easier than ever to transfer your previously in-person events to entirely virtual.

Whether you work for an organization or you are building one, webcasts are great for attracting an audience, generating leads, and producing content. With a plan and a few key steps, we show you how to get started on your path to online success.

Survive the digital transition by joining this brief overview, where we show you how to jump in, have fun, and seamlessly pull off a successful, popular webcast.

What You'll Learn:

5 Critical Planning Steps

The 5 most critical steps when planning a webcast.

Conversion Techniques

Proven techniques to help you convert your audience and leads.

Actionable Next_Steps

We will show you how to take what you have learned and put it into action immediately.

What is a "Flash Class" ?  

The Social Jack™ Flash Classes are condensed, actionable educational courses to be consumed in less than 45 minutes using a webinar format. These classes are designed so you can take immediate next steps to accelerate your digital influence in the world. 

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Meet the Team

About Dean DeLisle  

Dean DeLisle, Founder and CEO of Forward Progress, and the creator of Social Jack, the number one Influencer Development Platform in the world, has developed training programs and services to help organizations and professionals become an influence in a very digital world. He and his team have trained and coached over 120,000 professionals, globally, throughout the last 15 years. 

About Jackson DeLisle  

Jackson has always been a production-enthusiast - with a passion for digital marketing stemming from childhood, he made it a priority to leverage and improve video strategies for his clients. For over 7 years, he has demonstrated the ability to effectively coach clients on building and maintaining their Influence on social media, as well as oversee the production of Social Jack’s live Influencer streaming programs such as monthly Flash Classes, webinars, and the weekly webcast/podcast, Influence Factory, which he was an integral part of creating. 

About Monica Hacker

As the Influencer Department Marketing Manager for Forward Progress, Monica uses her experience and creativity across many functions, including sales, B2B partnerships, experiential marketing, event planning, social media strategy, and influencer marketing to identify and develop new business opportunities. Monica also has experience in Brand Management for high-end retail brands and event planning in industries such as finance, banking, mortgage and real estate.

About Social Jack  

The Social Jack™ Team has successfully coached and trained over 120,000 professionals on Influencer Development, Social Selling, and B2B Influencer Marketing. Through their educational resources and services, they’ve helped thousands of individuals unlock their Influence and distinguish their digital presence. 

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